The Teacher’s Amusement Center

July 18, 2007

Under Construction – [Update] Construction Complete

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The site reconstruction is finished, hope you like it.

The new layout is actually called Rubric, and I think I’ll keep the Red Pen of Death up there for the time being. All the images should be full sized now, but you’ll still be able to click to open any pic in a new window or tab.

Finally, I’ve gone through and tagged every entry as best I could. There’s a new drop-box on the right that allows you to search by tag, or you can always search for a keyword from the title of any post with the search box.

So that’s it. Regular posting should resume around the 13th of August with maybe a post or two the week before (if I get impatient and/or bored).

Enjoy your remaining break!

-The Mgmt.

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